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Jazz in the Park with the Lyndsey Moynihan Jazz Quintet

Thursday, June 2nd at Allan Park
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Growing up, Lyndsey refined her love of jazz by listening to her parent’s records. The crackling vinyl albums of history’s jazz greats would spin from the family phonograph, and as the needle delicately ran along the recordings, it filled the room with waves of sound that inspired her. The music inspired Moynihan. At age five, she began training as a classical pianist and began singing years later.

Moynihan’s first solo gig as a jazz singer came during her freshman year of college. At 19, her dreams of singing were realized at a small martini bar in Atlanta, just miles from where she first discovered her love of jazz.

Lyndsey Goodman Moynihan wears many hats: She’s a sexy jazz singer, a pilot and most recently a mom of twin boys. Charleston City Paper checked in with her to talk about songwriting and her bandmates.

Check out Lyndsey’s Q&A with the Charleston City Paper

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