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67 Moultrie Zoning Changes

At the March meeting of the HPTNA Marlon Kimpson requested our support to switch the zoning for 67 Moultrie to Commercial Transitional. After hearing his proposal and answering questions we voted not to support the change to Commercial Transitional. The City of Charleston and the Preservation Society of Charleston also oppose this change.

Despite the lack of support he has requested that it be put on the agenda for approval at Wednesday’s Planning Commission Meeting beginning at 5 p.m. The agenda is on the following link.

HPTNA will be present at the meeting to reiterate our position of not supporting the change. We need for others to come to the meeting to show that we do not want this change.

Here is what would be allowed at 67 Moultrie Street if the zoning is changed to Commercial Transitional.

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