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Roti Rolls

We buy fresh, local ingredients from South Carolina purveyors so your roti is the freshest around!

Cory Burke has been at the helm since 2010 and his relationships with local farmers and fishermen ensure that our ingredients are at their peak when they knock out your taste buds!

So, come on and get your roti on!

Short Grain

Come along for the ride on the daily culinary adventures of the Short Grain food truck and its untraditional take on Japanese fare. Arigato ya’ll.

Once Upon A Treat

Once Upon A Treat is a bakery designed not only to provide delicious baked goods — sweet and savory — but also to give back to the community by hiring women who live in public housing and teaching them a marketable skill to help empower them an help them empower others.

King of Pops

If you’ve heard a story about our beginnings, it was more than likely a tale of one person overcoming a corporate layoff or of a lawyer eschewing the courtroom for the kitchen. While both of these things happened, neither is the whole story‚Ķ